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Party Wall Surveyor

Party Wall Surveyor

Building Sense limited are experienced Party Wall Surveyors in Didsbury,Manchester – but we cover the North West and rest of the UK.

Did you know that if you neighbour is undertaking building work up to the boundary of your property, there’s a good chance they should have served a formal notice on you, and that they’re obliged to pay for you to appoint a surveyor if you wish.  We always recommend a photographic Schedule of Condition of your property is undertaken before work commences, as your neighbour will need to make good any damage they cause.

 Click here to read the Government’s advice on the matter.


Party Walls are shared structures at the line of junction between lands or properties under different ownership, such as the wall between two terraced houses, or a garden wall.

The Party Walls Etc Act 1996 is designed to protect both parties and give them fair rights over what can and can’t be done to the wall.  If you wish to carry out any work to a Party Wall/Structure it’s likely you’ll need to service notice on your neighbour – to which they can consent or otherwise.

If a dispute arises the parties may agree to appoint a single “agreed” surveyor, but the adjoining own can appoint their own at the Building Owner’s cost if they wish.

The majority of cases are quite straightforward and amicable, but it can be an unpleasant and drawn out process.  It should be noted, however, that the Surveyor’s role is to uphold the law and act fairly to the benefit of both parties, and therefore are not allowed to refer to the appointing parties as their clients.

We’re experts in the Party Walls Act and would be delighted to assist further, whether you’re looking to extend your home, or whether you’ve received a Party Structure Notice from a neighbour.


Schedules of Condition are photographic and narrative factual documents, describing and recording in detail the condition of a building at the time of inspection.

They are more commonly used for commercial premises at the beginning of leases, but are often used in the residential sector as part of a Party Wall Award.

If you receive a Party Wall Notice from a neighbour we always recommend you engage your own surveyor to prepare a Schedule of Condition of your property and review the neighbour’s proposals.  Doing so protects your position in the unfortunate event your premises becomes damaged as a result of the neighbour’s works.