Maintenance and Defects



Building Sense, independent Chartered Building Surveyors, offer specialist expert advice on property maintenance and defects, in the North West and Greater Manchester.


Most likely to be of use to a residential investor or company with a large portfolio, or the owners of blocks of flats, or large mansion houses.

Chartered Building Surveyors are experts in the field of Building Maintenance and Repair, and a PPM Schedule lists out the necessary repairs over a prescribed time period (typically 5 years), and provides budget costs for each in the appropriate year, allowing maintenance budgets to be calculated and the administration of effective sinking funds.

Building Sense are specialists in the delivery of PPM schedules, and can provide example documents and tailor our reports to suit your specific requirements and budgets.



We know how worrying it can be when you notice a crack or damp staining within your home, or indeed any other defect.

You should consider Building Surveyors as building doctors; we can diagnose defects, identify areas of further investigation, and also supervise and implement repair strategies.

Quite often defects can be related to occupational habits, or are nothing major to worry about, but it’s always best to know, and prevention is better than cure.

Why not give us a call today if you’re worried about any part of your home.