CDM Co-ordination

CDM Coordination

The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 have now been replaced by CDM 2015 – which now applies to both residential and commercial projects.

Under the new law, the CDM Co-ordinator role no longer exists, being replaced by the new “Principal Designer” role.  The Principal Designer has the duty to manage health, safety and welfare of projects from the design stage, right through to completion.

Building Sense are experienced in both the new and old regime, capable of advising clients on across the North West; appointing us will give peace of mind that health and safety requirements and responsibilities are being adequately considered and managed.

CDM 2015 also places more responsibility on the Client and Principal Contractor.  The client is responsible for appointing appropriate consultants and providing adequate information, and the contractor is now required to prepare a Construction Phase Plan for all projects with more than one contractor or sub-contractor involved.

The regulations place legal duties on almost everyone involved in the construction process, including:

  • Clients (except domestic)
  • Designers
  • Principal Contractors
  • Contractors
  • Construction Workers

Clients drive projects, and therefore have a large part to play in ensuring work is done safely, and must therefore

1. Appoint the right people
2. Allow adequate time
3. Provide information to the project team
4. Ensure the team communicate and co-operate
5. Ensure suitable management and reporting arrangements are in place
6. Ensure adequate welfare facilities are provided
7. Ensure workplaces are designed correctly

Larger projects are still notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE); this applies to projects that are likely to:

  • Last over 30 working days
  • Involve over 500 person hours


Appointing Building Sense will give you peace of mind that CDM 2015 is being adequately dealt with, leaving you to concentrate on the enjoyable parts of having building work undertaken, in the knowledge that you have a qualified and experienced consultant on board who knows what to do when the worst happens, and who can ensure the project is delivered with the minimum of fuss and risk.

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