Building Defect Analysis

Building Defect Analysis

Often termed Building Pathology Reports, or Specific Defect Reports, Building Defect Analysis Reports and site investigations require an in depth working knowledge of the building’s design and construction, and a wealth of experience.

The latest in new technologies can also help, we have access to:

  • Endoscopes for inspecting small voids,
  • Infra red heat sensitive cameras – which can help demonstrate cold bridging problems and incomplete insulation detail
  • Protimeter MMS2 moisture and condensation meters

Our comprehensive yet straightforward Building Defect Analysis reports are presented in plain English, complete with colour photography, conclusions, recommendations and estimated costs for repairs where appropriate, providing you wish easy to understand, cost effective and practical solutions to keep your buildings in repair, so you’re free to do what you do best.

Is that crack or damp patch really serious, or nothing to worry about?  Is the quality of workmanship for your recent re-roofing, renovation, extension or building project up to standard?

If you have Building Defects, make sure you engage an Independent Chartered Building Surveyor; not a contractor with a vested interested in finding something wrong!   Building Sense are independent chartered building surveyors and expert property consultants and can undertake building defect analysis reports for you.

Many problems are easily fixed, and some are far more sinister and may require significant cost expenditure.  If you don’t know you can’t plan for it, and take the necessary steps towards resolving the issues.

We have identified, diagnosed and supervised repair works for many building defects for many clients over many years, on an enormous range of building styles and types, across all sectors and industries.  We know buildings, and it’s in our nature to be thorough, tenacious and tireless in resolving issues to the satisfaction of our clients.

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