Building Sense Chartered Surveyors


Building Sense Chartered Surveyors was incorporated in 2013 by Mark Newman, an experienced Chartered Building Surveyor with over 12 years post qualification experience, to meet the changing demands of both residential and commercial clients, in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We strive to deliver first class Building Surveying advice to clients across most property sectors and types, and can demonstrate a track record of projects and instructions being delivered on time and to budget.

Being a small firm, services can be dynamically tailored to suit the specific needs of clients, leading to a uniquely client led service; providing exactly what you need – not what the industry and large corporate firms think you need.  That is not to say our service is unorthodox; sometimes the norm is what you need – we’re just not afraid to break the mould.

Sometimes we’ll turn up in a pin stripe suit, where we’re attending a professional meeting, or when we need to create a good impression. Would you be comfortable though, if we turned up in the same neatly pressed pin stripe suit when conducting a building survey for you, where it’s our job to look in the places nobody else does, or when attending a muddy building site to monitor the building work you’re having undertaken?

Being a small firm means we can be competitive with fees; we have the bare minimum of overheads. If you appoint a larger firm, you’ll almost certainly still only deal with one surveyor but the chances are they’ll have an expensive city centre office and a price point to match.  Unless you have a very large national portfolio and need a firm that can react quickly to requirements in various cities simultaneously and at short notice, you’ll almost certainly only be dealing with one surveyor in order that you receive continuity of service.

So, before appointing a Chartered Building Surveyor, you should decide what’s important to you; your surveyors’ office, their fees, quality of service, attention to detail, and the importance they place on your valued instructions.