Party Wall Surveyors

A Party Wall is a wall on the line of junction between properties under different ownership, such as the wall between two terraced houses, where more than one party benefits from it.   The Party Walls Etc. Act 1996 covers these, and other similar shared structures, such as garden boundary walls and fences, and the floor structures between flats.

What is and is not a Party Wall is clearly defined in the Act.  If you’re proposing building work likely to affect a shared structure, being it the removal of a chimney, rebuilding a fence, or constructing an extension, there’s a good chance you’re duty bound under the act to serve notice on your neighbours.

If you’re a neighbour (adjoining owner) you can usually appoint your own surveyor at your neighbours cost, or at least agree the appointment of a joint surveyor.  The surveyor/s then draw up an Award to agree how and when the work will be done, and it’s usually advisable to have a detailed Photographic Schedule of Condition drawn up, recording the condition of the Adjoining Owner’s property prior to works occurring, so that it can be evidenced afterwards – protecting the Adjoining Owner’s property from damage caused by the work, and the Building Owner by preventing the Adjoining Owner claiming for any pre existing defects.

Building Sense are experienced Party Wall Surveyors for both commercial and residential projects, acting for both Building and Adjoining Owners and would be pleased to assist with your requirements.

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